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About Us

         “Lena Design” LTD is an experienced design and furniture-manufacturing company. We develop projects for furnishing residential and public buildings.
         Our furniture is recognized by its high quality of materials and production. We constantly follow closely the innovations in the field of the materials for furniture manufacturing as well as in the design of contemporary interior in order to offer you modern and functional decisions for interior decoration.
         The basic principle of our company is the Pleased customer. Due to that, thousands of furnishing projects of homes, trade rooms, offices, places of entertainment, etc. have been completed. We produce furniture for entire interior decoration only based on individual projects. Each of the projects is unique and incomparable in itself. We work with materials of leading European producers of furniture-manufacturing materials, which meet the highest requirements of modern private and public interior. These materials are strong, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and highly water resistant, which is a guarantee for the high quality of our furniture.
         Ordering furniture for your house, catering establishment, trade centre, or office with us, you have the unique opportunity to personally take part in designing and creating your furniture so that it could correspond to a maximum degree to your requirements for function and outer appearance. Of course, we will lend you guidance and recommendations for what is appropriate or inappropriate taking into account the dimensions your premises, so that the rules and standards of interior decoration are observed.
         Our aim is to achieve the best balance between quality and price, which makes us a preferred partner in furnishing private homes and public places on the basis of an individual project.

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